RMG 1 concentricity gage

The RMG 1 concentricity gage is used to measure the concentricity and complete run of rotationally symmetrical measured objects, on externally and internally toothed spur gears (with or without profile shift), bevel gears, worm gears, on mounted gears of spur gears, and on cylindrical milling cutters and cutting wheels.

The axial runout on the end faces can be measured. The circular deviation, the deviation of the longitudinal section profile and the radial single-ball dimension can also be determined.

The longitudinal traverse of the lateral surface enables the parallelism and straightness along the surface line to be assessed.

Structure and function:

The RMG concentricity gage consists of a steel base and a stable column with swiveling measuring head and a measuring carriage that can be slid through 200 mm.

The measuring head can be sensitively moved along the column, clamped in any position, and swiveled through +/- 90°.

A mechanical precision indicator serves as a measuring and display instrument. If required, the mounting shaft of the measuring head can also hold measuring probes or dial gauges.

The display unit and its holder can be lifted by 8 mm out of its measuring position by a lever to allow the test object to be changed.

The center supports are adjustable on the measuring carriage, and can be clamped in any position. Center supports and sleeves are marked and must always be used in pairs.

Two large and two small V-bearings hold measured objects without centering. The V bearings are inserted into the center supports instead of the sleeves; each of the V bearings is height-adjustable, so that even measured objects with unequal shaft diameters can be held. The maximum difference in diameter must not exceed 20 mm for the large V-bearing and 6 mm for the small V-bearing.

An internal measuring lever is used to measure internal diameters, and an angle measuring lever is used to measure spherical surfaces, bearing surfaces and bevel gears.

The measuring inserts can be screwed into the probe bolts of the measured value recording device, and into the internal and angle measuring levers. Spherical measuring inserts for concentricity measurements of gear wheels are optionally available.

measured values

  • True-running
  • Axial runout
  • Straightness/parallelism
  • Tooth thickness

Technical Data

Measuring and display unit
mechanical precision indicator
Measuring range of the precision indicator
+/- 50 μm
Scale value
1 μm
Stroke of the precision indicator holder
8 mm
Swiveling measuring head
+/- 90°
Traversing range of measuring carriage
200 mm
Scale value of the ruler
1 mm
Scale value of vernier
0,1 mm
Maximum height
100 mm
Maximum width
max. 280 mm
450 x 330 x x460
approx. 30 kg

Scope of supply

basic device with column
measuring head
pair of center supports
angle measuring lever
mechanical precision indicator


  • Internal measuring lever
  • Prism mounting up to 70 mm
  • Height-adjustable prism support
  • Liftable point
  • Height-adjustable stop
  • Various measuring inserts

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