Cutting force measuring instrument

  • Measuring system for determining the cutting forces of the widest range of blades
  • Quick-change device for range of parts
  • Automatic cutting media infeed from supply cassette
  • NC axis for feed motion
  • Programming, evaluating, recording, visualization with PremeStar software
  • PC-based measuring system
  • Range of blade holders for different types of blades
  • Automatic moistening of the cut material
  • Quick-clamping system for the shortest setting-up times
  • Automatic measuring procedure
  • Tried-and-tested software with clear measurement display and operator guidance
  • Simple archiving of test plans and measured data, as well as easy import into QA systems are possible

Measured values

  • Cutting force
  • Force path diagram
  • Difference in force from cut to cut


  • Individual workpiece holder
  • Degree of automation can be adapted to meet your requirements
  • Optional software module for statistical process control (SPC)
  • Design for large workpiece dimensions
  • Individual software adaptation with intuitive interface

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