Assembly line for oil pumps

  • Process monitoring
  • End of line function test of the fully mounted pump
  • Workpiece holder circulation system
  • Part feeding by workpiece holders and vibration conveyor with bunker
  • Monitored assembly operations (press-fitting, screwing, joining)


  • Monitoring of the force path of the press-fitting processes
  • Spring force monitoring
  • Visual completeness check during assembly
  • Torque monitoring during the screwing operations
  • End of line testing (starting torque, drag torque, assembly dimensions, pressure measurement at the pressure and suction sides)
  • Identification by DMC laser marking
  • Defined ejection of OK/NOK parts


  • Reworking strategy
  • Interface for transferring process and operating data to a CAQ system
  • Linking to process control systems
  • Reference WT for calibrating the plant sensor system
  • Individually adaptable software

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