How can I apply for a job at Premetec?

Please apply by email if possible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., accompany this email by a PDF which includes your letter of application and all the supporting documents required. This enables us to process your application more quickly than if it is sent by conventional post.

What documents do you need to send with your application?

In order to avoid queries as far as possible, you should send us your complete application documents. These include: letters, a CV, all work references and all relevant school and university certificates.

What is the selection process at Premetec?

We notify you when we have received your application. Your application is then read by our Personnel Department. The subsequent selection process depends on the vacancy. In the event of suitability, there will be a conventional personal interview with the relevant head of department.
Premetec Automation GmbH | Sommerbergstr. 42 | D-98527 Suhl

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