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Intensive consultation and process support by management consultant

Project title: Intensive consultation and process support by management consultant

Beneficiary: Premetec Automation GmbH

Project description:
In accordance with the consultation directive of the Free State of Thuringia, the company receives funding to increase performance and competitiveness by consulting independent business consultants – intensive consultation and process support. The results and recommendations for action are recorded in a consultants report. The funding is provided by the European Social Fund and state funds of the Free State of Thuringia.

Delivery of a leak-testing system with changing units for 5 cast housings

"We developed a leak-testing plant for 5 different types of housings for a well-known gear manufacturer. Up to 11 test volumes can be tested for leaks in 2.5 minutes."

After manual assembly, the workpieces are tested, classified and marked. On account of the complexity, a special set of equipment was developed to hold the various housings.

Presentation of the new ROTEXION shaft measuring instrument

After an intensive development phase, the ROTEXION tactile shaft measuring instrument with a function for measuring undercuts was presented in the spring.

The Rotexion universal shaft measuring instrument for industrial applications automatically records all geometric external contours of rotationally symmetric workpieces with a diameter of up to 125 mm and a length of up to 400 mm, optionally up to 600 mm or 800 mm. An additional measuring axis with an optional 2D profile sensor enables contours to be measured in places that are difficult to access. For example, undercuts according to DIN can be measured automatically.

Delivery of a measuring cell for gear rings

For the100% testing of gear rings, a measuring cell was developed, which can determine the diameter, perpendicularity, flatness, working and concentricity deviations.

Premetec developed handling for minimal cycle times according to a proven principle. The parts are then marked by laser and discharged according to their classification according to the test results.

We manufacture universal and individual measuring and testing instruments for rotationally symmetric parts, formed parts, profile rails, commutators etc.
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Expansion of the electrical assembly area

We substantially increased our floor areas by extending the hall. A separate electrical assembly area was set up alongside the area for the assembly of gages and measuring instruments. The amenity areas were also enlarged and the logistics areas better organized.
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